jueves, 4 de febrero de 2010

General Info:

-The MIO was created to fix the trafic on the city.
-At the time an old regular bus is junked, a new MIO rute emerge.
-The company encharged of the MIO circulation is Metrocali S.A.
-When the MIO arrive to the 3rd phase, there are going to be 90 MIO rutes and 1.000 vehicles.
-The MIO is a masive transport.(big)
-The MIO buses help the enviroment.
-With the MIO the auditional contamination is eliminated.
-With the MIO the thiefs have disminuyed.
-It fix the city view.
-All the buses are conditionated to the city.
-The SIUR is encharged of the cards.
-In the city there are special streets for the bold people, these are produced by the MIO.
-Is going to be a new special bus only for the invalid persons, or people with special conditions.
-The MIO travels 15km per route.
-At this moment in the MIO mobilize 165.000 of persons in a day.

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